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    MEDICS® – the integrated safety solution for medical locations

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    Active damage prevention in On- and Offshore applications of oil and gas production

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    High availability for power supplies in computer centres

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  • HYDRA Capacitors

    The company started its activities from 1994, manufacturing low voltage capacitors under the commercial name called AEG. Nowadays, more than 2 million capacitors are manufactured monthly per product line. 

    In 2011, the company changed its name from AEG Components to HYDRA. Currently, the manufactory is located in Jicin, Czech Republic and the main office is located in Berlin, Germany.  


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    Bender Company, located in Germany, activities goes back to 1939.oday Bender is a technology pioneer and well-known company in the world manufacturing protection relays exceeding diversity more than 2000 types in different electrical industry fields.

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